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Welcome to Crystal & Tees

Welcome to Crystal & Tees

We are the home of the Handmade Crystal Hair Bobbles & Light infused tees for the entire family. What makes our tees special is that they are cleared with Sage, Palo Santo & a Selenite Crystal. Then charged with a sacred geometry crystal grid and a crystal affirmation oracle card. Finally, they are infused with a Solfeggio frequency and crystal light energy to surround you with positive energy that can help you feel more confident, grounded & centered when worn!
Many are familiar with the sayings, "Good Vibes Only," or "That's a Vibe," we say VIBES because we are aware subconsciously (through our intuition or 3rd eye) of energy. We innerstand that energy is strong, transferable and everything is affected by the type of energy you bring to each situation because we can FEEL this invisible force flowing through and all around us. Vibe is short for vibration which is another word for ENERGY! The highest vibration is LOVE and that is what is transferred or infused in each of our shirts to help you attract more positive energy into your life.
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What Are Crystals?

Crystals are gems made from the Earth that carry various healing vibrations and energy. They are powerful allies that can help you manifest your desires and create a more fulfilling life. Crystals are used to power many things in your everyday life such as cellphones, TV screens and computers, but they can also be used to power your intentions and/or prayers.
By using crystals to power your intentions and prayers, you can tap into the energy of the universe to create your own reality. There is a specific crystal for just about every prayer you have. Crystals can help you energetically vibrate to the frequency of your intention, making it more likely to manifest. It doesn't matter if your prayer or intention is for protection (Black Tourmaline), love (Rose Quartz) or just a good nights sleep (Amethyst), there is a crystal that is ready to help you!

Bes(t) Kids Of Crystal & Tees

Children are the most open to vibrations and they require the most protection. This is because their energy fields are still developing and they are more susceptible to negative influences. Bes is the lion-headed Egyptian God of childhood and is a protector of children & their dreams. He also protected women and childbirth while providing joy, music, dance & laughter and can be seen depicted in many temples & tombs!
Our mascot and guide, Bes the lion, represents the protective energy that we infuse into each of our Bes(t) Kids tees. We believe that every child deserves to be surrounded by positive energy. Which is why our tees are infused for each child to carry this protective energy and crystals wherever they go to be a shield to help ward off evil spirits and protect them from harm.
Place preorders for the Bes Lion Plush Toy! The Bes Plush plays calming Solfeggio frequencies and has a special protection crystal bracelet to help children sleep at night and he has a cape to help kids feel fearless and protected during the day!

Bes(t) Kids Solar Return Box

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